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Doujinshi commentary: Maniac Fantasy

Circle:    2Capsule Zone    Maniac Fantasy: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, humorous story. 26 pages.
Date:   2003/04/13

Yes, another 2Capsule Zone doujinshi with characters from a bunch of Final Fantasies all run together in one setting not in any of the original games! This time, instead of being in a school (as in the "Maniac Junkey" series) they are... well, in a kingdom somewhere. Zidane, now about 10 years old, is traveling with Tidus. They meet with Prince Squall, then go to "Zelda Village," and... meet other characters, and other stuff happens. There's also a scene with Vivi and Eiko, also in weird court costume, bursting in on what might have been an intimate scene between and Sephiroth. This being a 2Capsule Zone doujinshi, Vivi has to cry hysterically.

If you want a doujinshi to make a lot of sense, this ain't it. But if you like amusing weirdness, and like Final Fantasies 7-10, this is a good one.

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