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Type:   Normal, Gags & serious stories. 42 pages.





This is a small doujinshi, about 5" x 8", but with a pretty good page count. It starts out with a few gags, including one in which Quina falls into a pond while catching frogs, and on taking hir clothes off to dry reveals... well, *I* never would have imagined Quina looked like that. (Don't worry, the picture is G rated.) The meat of this doujinshi, however, is three serious stories. The first two take place in Lindblum, the first of which involves Vivi getting lost and then being found by a girl. In the second Lindblum is under attack by Black Mages, and Vivi saves the girl from a marauding Black Mage right before being taken in by a guard. The third is about Zidane meeting a girl at a grave. This is told in flashback to Garnet while Eiko tries to swipe Vivi's hat.

This is the first doujinshi I've read that appears to fall into the Mary Sue trap. (Mary Sues, for those not familiar with the term, are characters an author is a bit too fond of, and who tend to draw the main characters into their influence. In extreme cases all the characters from the established series will fall into orbit around the author's new character. They are not limited to fan fiction; Wesley Crusher is a good example of a canon Mary Sue.) The syndrome is not too bad here, but every non-gag story involves a main character, either Vivi or Zidane, meeting a girl who never was seen in FF9, and who is obviously quite important in the framework of the story.

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