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Doujinshi commentary: Million Words

Circle:    fudge (Hinata Nanase)    Million Words: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, serious stories. 34 pages.
Date:   2001/8/10

This is a talky Zidane-Garnet relationship doujinshi. Garnet pines for Zidane. A girl gives her a flower. Eiko gives her a letter, then talks with Vivi, and there is more conversation between pairs of the aforementioned characters plus Beatrix, and at the end Zidane returns.

Not much of a summary, is that? Well, I can't get a lot out of this doujinshi. The appeal, if you can't read the Japanese, is the artwork and the emotional tension within. What's in the letters Eiko carries around? The one she gives Garnet (which she either got in the Black Mage Village or Quan's cave) alarms Garnet, but she has another at the end that she seems to be getting dramatic with.

The artwork itself is distinctive. Boy, do these guys wear mascara or what? Sometimes characters' necks look disconnected from their heads, and occasionally one eye will vanish for no reason I've figured out. I guess that those are stylizations that you either accept or they bug you. As for the story, its appeal is aimed for Zidane-Garnet 'shippers.

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