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Doujinshi commentary: MINI Kuja

Circle:    Ickyukeyhubyuoyuo    MINI Kuja: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 22 pages.
Date:   2002/3/24

This doujinshi has a homemade feel to it. As in, the inner pages were photocoped and the front cover was likely printed on someone's color printer. The cover paper is thin, so you can see through to the image behind it. The pages are printed single sided, then folded in half with the crease outwards to make this doujinshi appear thicker than it is. The pages are often misaligned, resulting in art going over the center lines and visible spots where the copier saw the edge of the paper. The staples can snag you on the back side. The paper wasn't even tapped into place before stapling, resulting in raggedy edges.

It's a shame this was printed so cheaply, as the artwork itself is pretty good. I've certainly seen worse packaged much more slickly. The focus of this book is Kuja. Kuja the cute chibi, Kuja who Zidane rescues from the Iifa Tree, Kuja who tries his own version of Zidane's outfit, Trance Kuja who a Treno moogle tries to gouge for makeup and cosmetic surgery. The rest of the cast is not ignored, but they are a distant second to Kuja.

I'm not at all sure about the circle's name. It's printed in big letters across the back cover. but the font is so weird I can barely read it.

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