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Doujinshi commentary: Maniac Junkey 10

Circle:    2Capsule Zone    Maniac Junkey 10: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, humorous stories. 42 pages.
Date:   2003/12/28

Yes, another Maniac Junkey! There's a lot of them, isn't there? Not all will be reviewed here, though, as not all of them include Final Fantasy 9. According to 2Capsule zone's website, FF9 first appears in MJ4, and skips a few thereafter. The series currently goes up to 11, with a 12th in production.

This is a Christmas-themed issue. Sephiroth giftwraps himself as Irvine's present. Barrett - the Mr. T lookalike from FF7 - dresses in scary drag. Zidane and Tidus wander the halls dressed as a snowman and a Christmas tree. Zidane, Vincent, Squall, Tidus, and Cloud pray and make offerings at a shrine. Vincent gives Squall a talisman as a souvenir of his first visit to the shrine for the year - but it appears he gave him the one intended for Beatrix, who on the next page has just given birth to Steiner's daughter.

There's not a lot of FF9 content in this book, as you may have noticed. Though many of the characters are listed on the dramatis personae at the front of the book, not all of them actually appear, and some of the characters who appear aren't listed. Vivi and Eiko appear to be Irvine's kids, or in some sort of family arrangement with him, and Sephiroth is in some sort of relationship with Irvine. Zidane, as usual, looks like a preteen little wiseass. Steiner always looks weird to me in the MJ series, but in this one he appears to have turned into a pudgy little boy.

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