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Doujinshi commentary: move

Circle:    K-Hopping (Kimagurehopping)    Move: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 26 pages.
Date:   2002/8/18

The first gag in this doujinshi is the easiest to read, because it has no words; even speech and thought bubbles contain images. Vivi imagines terrible things happening to Mog - falling off the cliff into the sea, being squashed by Salamander, or being cooked alive by Quina - and freaks out ala Munch's "The Scream" each time. Mog comes through unscathed, but Vivi ends up in the stewpot. In another, Zidane and Eiko both wake up with serious cases of bed head, and they think they have it rough until they see Salamander, whose bad hair is making him look like Medusa. The others speculate on what makes Vivi's eyes glow - candles or right bulbs?

The final story is more serious. Vivi has a little windup robot figure. He explains to Zidane that after he winds it up, the doll "stops." The obvious parallel is Vivi's fear that he, being a manufactured doll, will one day "stop" too. Wish I could translate Zidane's answer. It's meant to comfort Vivi, but we know Vivi's not satisfied with pat, cheerful answers for long.

Not a bad doujinshi. There appear to be three art styles here, all of which might be seen as cute or creepy depending on the reader. They're amateurish for the most part, but I wouldn't call them eyesores. The one used in the serious story looks weird to me because of the size and detail of Zidane's ears. They look almost monkeylike.

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