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Doujinshi commentary: Neko Neko Fantasy

Circle:    Dark Links    Neko Neko Fantasy: Front Cover  
Type:   Normal, Short gags. 38 pages.





This doujinshi is mostly short gag stories. My favorite is about Zidane, Garnet, and Vivi sitting down to eat. Zidane and Garnet appear to be eagerly expecting Vivi to reveal his face so he can eat, but at the last minute Vivi realizes something and unhappily leaves the table. In another Eiko imagines herself as a young woman winning Zidane's heart. In the one I would most dearly love translated, Zidane apparently fills Vivi in on some of the facts about boys and girls, setting off... a game of tackle tag among the Vivi clones? In the final gag, Zidane is reunited with his long-lost love.. Kuja.

This doujinshi has one unintentionally hilarious moment for those who, like me, have to sound out the words before interpreting them. At one point Zidane is thinking about when he rescued Kuja. As he mentioned at the end of the game, he sang the song... and in this panel you see him singing "Ra~ ra ra ra~ ra ra ra ra~" Now, most people know that in Japanese there is no difference between R and L, and can easily understand that he's actually going "La la la" (which by itself is pretty funny in print, I think) but every time I see this panel I think of the duck dinner scene in "A Christmas Story." ("No! Not 'Fa ra ra!' Fa la la!")

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