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Doujinshi commentary: New Beginning

Circle:    Paradox History    New Beginning: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, serious story. 30 pages.
Date:   2000/12/29

Here we have "Keep Trying, The God Save You...", another post-game Zidane & Kuja story. They look at a worldmap. Then Zidane goes into town, and while he's shopping and flirting Kuja keels over. Zidane somehow knows the moment this happens, and rushes to him, wherefore Kuja dies in his arms. Later, Zidane bids him farewell with some reminisces and feathers in the wind.

I can't really say a lot about the story; I'm getting a little bored with stories about Zidane and Kuja right after the game. (I've gotten so many of them in lately!) However, the artwork in this one really catches my eye. I like the brushwork, and Kuja is nicely balanced between masculinity and femininity. Even when he's putting on lipstick, he isn't as exaggeratedly femmy as some doujinshi artists portray him.

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