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Doujinshi commentary: Never Failing

Circle:    Sakana Nekono - Danchi Petto Kinsirei    Never Failing: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, serious stories. 34 pages.
Date:   2003/12/28

This doujinshi contains several short, serious stories. The first begins with Kuja, who just arrived on dragonback, among his Black Mage servants. One suddenly "stops," emitting a flash of light and then dropping dead. Kuja is shocked, and tries to awaken it, then wonders why it stopped. Was there a reason at all? Kuja is genuinely upset. (I always thought he designed them to die conveniently when their job was over.) The story then cuts to Zidane standing over the fallen Kuja in the Iifa Tree. Kuja recognizes Zidane's words as being the same as his to the fallen Black Mage, whose death he had been helpless to prevent.

The next story involves Zidane, Eiko, Garnet, and Blank in Treno. Eiko is not pleased about Zidane spending nearly all their gil at the auction house on a rat's tail and, as usual, is making her feelings known. The final story shows Zidane at a grave marked with a cross made of two sticks tied together. Despite everything, Zidane is mourning for Kuja. He and Garnet speak briefly. When Zidane cannot suppress his tears, Garnet embraces him to comfort him. The last two pages, by themselves and separated from the preceding story by the information pages, shows several Genomes decorating the cross with garlands of flowers.

The is a pretty talky doujinshi, but it doesn't neglect visuals in favor of words. The artwork, as usual, is clear and gets the story across, but I wouldn't call it lovely in its own right. It makes me wish I could read Japanese better so I'd get the full impact of the stories, but that's pretty common for me.

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