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Doujinshi commentary: Nine-I

Circle:    Chata Tachibana, Akai Tsubasa    Nine-I: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, humorous & serious story. 26 pages.



Summer 2000


It's hard to tell how many stories are in this doujinshi, as there are no clear beginning and ending points. My guess is that there are two stories, one humorous one with most of the regular cast, and another serious one with Zidane and Ruby, but I can't be sure about that. The pages with the full cast are fun, especially if you like Eiko. She kicks Zidane in the head, drags Vivi around, and appears to drive Quina to distraction. The pages with Ruby look like Zidane's reflections on his origin, including images of Genomes in tanks.

Trivia - one picture of Zidane that appears in the second story looks very much like this doujinshi's followup, Nine-II.

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