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Doujinshi commentary: Nine-II

Circle:    Chata Tachibana, Akai Tsubasa    Nine-II: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, serious story. 26 pages.



Winter 2000


This is a one-story doujinshi. Zidane and Kuja, both injured (but Kuja much worse) are leaving the Iifa Tree (I assume). They rest and talk a bit, and then Mikoto appears. At the end she, too, helps support Kuja as they walk.

Obviously, language difficulties prevent me from getting much out of the story. I can, however, appreciate the artwork. It appears to be all done in pencil except for panel and speech bubble borders, and there is some nice pencil shading. The panels are open and almost completely devoid of background, drawing the reader's attention to the characters. I don't see this technique often, and I like it here. (I personally hate drawing backgrounds, so when someone else can get away with leaving 'em out, I have to grin.)

Look closely at the picture of Zidane and Kuja talking - Zidane's tail is missing. Zidane's a Manx?

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