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Doujinshi commentary: Night of Fire!

Circles:    Akoyagai to Omarruebi, Minase Arisu, Ooki Bonta (Ohki Bomta), Somehow House    Night of Fire!: Front Cover 
Type:   PG, gag doujinshi. 30 pages.





This doujinshi contains a lot of different gags by a number of different authors. In one, Eiko summons "Terra Homing"... which is now more Moogle-like than lionlike. Vivi goes into trance, outgrows his clothes, and gains a cigar. Periodically throughout the doujinshi Eiko presents us with various moogle variations, including some physical distortions, a humanoid drag queen moogle, and a showgirl moogle.

There is some material of a rather rude nature in this doujinshi, pushing it out of the "normal" category and into PG. In one gag a small yaoi-type image is "pixeled" out, and the final gag stars a pair of rutting moogles. These parts are brought to us by the variously-spelled Ooki Bonta, from whom I have a number of other doujinshi. However, so far this is the only work of theirs that I will post about on my site. Three guesses why!

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