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Doujinshi commentary: Pre-Festival

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Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 38 pages.

This is mainly a gag doujinshi. In one gag titled "Jitan 1/2" (Zidane 1/2), Blank and Zidane complain about the armor they have to wear at the beginning of the game, and Zidane has more to complain about, since his armor did not come from one of the Knights of Pluto... In another, Kuja presents Zidane with a set of clothes just like Kuja's. To make him actually put it on, Kuja casts a countdown (death?) spell on Zidane. Zidane has to change right there, but right as he is to take off his trousers he goes into Trance, so the fur covers everything... but trance only lasts three turns, so it's only a temporary reprieve. In the serious story, Blank brings a wounded Zidane back to the Tantalus airship, and reflection and conversation with Zidane, Blank, and Ruby follows.

This doujinshi has some nice art. Though some of the stories are talky, the art is interesting and varied enough to keep interest up in those of us who struggle through the speech bubbles with the aid of J-E and Kanji dictionaries. Also, the cover image is printed on a plastic "jacket," like a book dust jacket, rather than on the outside of the bound doujinshi, which is plain white.

Can anyone figure out who the profile in the upper left of the cover belongs to? I'm stumped.

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