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Doujinshi commentary: Promise

Circle:    Chaho/Micha    Promise: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & text fiction. 34 pages.
Date:   2001/8/10

This doujinshi has a number of gags I liked, for example Quina having a problem with the "protect girls" thing - apparently s/he should have been protected, and Zidane never knew it. In another Dagger is about to cut her hair - and Zidane forcibly restrains her from using the kind of electric razor they give Army buzzcuts with. There are also some small four-panel gags, including one starring Kirby as Atomos. There's also one in which Vivi is holding everything up by skipping rope - and his score is over 1000. (I know that has to be a joke - I could never even get him to 20!)

This doujinshi also has a text story. No possibility of me reading it at this point, of course, but it does have a few illustrations of Vivi and Mikoto. There's a dynamic I wouldn't mind seeing explored.

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