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Doujinshi commentary: Reve

Circle: Minamonta    Reve: Front Cover  
Type: Normal, gags & serious story. 48 pages.


Date: 2002/8/9

This doujinshi starts out with a set of game-related gags, most of which I unfortunately can't make sense of, as the jokes are mostly in the text. (Vivi throws his own head at a tonberry? Zidane steals what looks like a mutant rabbit from Kuja? Your guess is as good as mine, especially because these bits are hand-lettered and trying to interpret handwritten Kanji is not a task for the faint of heart.) I was able to get bits here and there; for example, when Zidane grabs Freya just as she leaps and ends up holding her trousers, the sound effect is "zubooo" - zubon being the Japanese word for pants. (The indignity of being pantsed in battle sends Freya into a trance, which is a good thing, as they're fighting a yan at the time.) There are also some more serious stories, including a conversation between Zidane and Vivi, and one in which Zidane ends up looking at what appears to be a small grave(?) marker with "Zidane no baka"  written on it.

The artwork in this one is a bit different, rather loose and sketchy, intended to be expressive than smooth and pretty. One of the stories (the first one mentioned above) has some very strange images of Freya. Another story features some cute images of Vivi and Eiko in their night clothes.

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