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Doujinshi commentary: Sayonara Jinrui

Circle:    S [es] Kei Takano    Sayonara Jinrui: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 26 pages.
Date:   2002/11

The title means "Goodbye Humanity." I figured that out all by myself. Go me.

Wow. This one has some nice artwork, especially if you like Kuja. And this artist certainly does! There are plenty of images of Kuja with his hair swirling, sporting nail polish and a six-pack, not to mention lovingly detailed clothes. And it doesn't stop there - Mikoto also gets a Kuja-like costume.

The gags feature other characters, too. Every member of the "main team" gets some time except for Steiner, who I suspect isn't as fun to draw. In one oddball gag, we see what seem to be future versions of the characters. Kuja is all steroided up, Vivi is an adult and his face is visible but heavily shadowed (or maybe his skin is very dark), and Zidane has really let himself go. Brr!

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