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Doujinshi commentary: The Day a Star is Born

Circles:    Mama*Kira & Cheer.up!    The Day a Star is Born: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 34 pages.
Date:   2002/01/20

Interesting cover on this doujinshi. Two pictures of Zidane that look almost the same at first glance. After a bit of comparison I saw that it was a comparison of the two artists' styles. They are close, but you can see differences if you look.

The gags in this one are heavy on the words, so I don't get many of them, but there are enough visuals that I find amusing. What did Vivi say that provoked this weird reaction from Garnet? What's going on in the "wishing fountain" in Treno - is Kuja outbidding Zidane by throwing in more gil? Why is Zidane imagining Dagger wearing Kuja's falling-off-the-hips outfit? What's going on with Zidane and that moogle in the tent? Why is Zidane treating the Fat Chocobo like a giant fuzzy toy? And then there's Lani having to cook and clean for all of Madain Sari's moogles. The punchline may not be clear, but it's fun stuff to look at anyway.

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