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Doujinshi commentary: Strange Dream

Circle:    Jiiminkyouwakoku    Strange Dream: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 34 pages.
Date:   2001/08/10

"Strange dream" is the best I can do with the title here. The kanji part means strange or curious; the katakana at the end is "dori-mu," dream. What's the "sukou" in the middle? If you have a better idea how to interpret the title, tell me.

This doujinshi is full of nakey-nakey jokes. Kuja puts Zidane in a leglock, forcing his codpiece into Z's face. Steiner is caught bathing in the buff by Beatrix, and covers up his shame by putting his helmet... on his head. Birds attack Kuja's codpiece, and later a spear is stuck into it. Garnet has a baby, and mistakenly announces that it's a girl because she thought that the boy parts were a tail. There are a lot of "stickers" figleafing people's naughty bits, and they main purpose they serve is to call attention to what we're not seeing. Well, yawn. Benny Hill did it better.

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