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Doujinshi commentary: Secret Guide Question and Answer

Circles:    Kuroyuri    Fantasista: Front Cover  
Type:   Normal, comics and game information. 34 pages.



This doujinshi is the exception to the rule for doujinshi I have in that it is not just about comics and occasional talky pages. This one has a lot of game information, such as lists of the moogles and where to find them (which is invaluable if you're trying to fix the Mognet), spells, weapons, how to get to the hidden blackjack game, and so on.

In the first comic, Kuja crashes the performance in which Zidane is supposed to make his big re-entrance. However, ain't nobody gonna put up with this, and he ends up in a slightly less glamorous role than he might have hoped for. Besides being funny, I love the artwork. There are also a number of short gag comics peppering the info pages. The final comic is an emotional dialogue between Eiko and Vivi which takes place on an airship near the Iifa tree. I haven't figured out what they're talking about, but the well-drawn expressions on Eiko's face and the lovely brushwork make this one stick out in my mind.

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