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Doujinshi commentary: Shippo ga Tomodachi

Circle:    Private.Label    Shippo ga Tomodachi: Front Cover


Normal; game based gags, 22 pages.
Date:   2000/12/29

This doujinshi is mainly gags based on the events of the game. Eiko puts her jewel in her ear and afterwards cannot hear (a la "I can't hear you, I have a banana in my ear!"). Dagger cuts her head off instead of her hair and stands there like a horror movie monster, holding her head by its hair while blood fountains out of her neck. Ash casts "Stop" on Zidane, and Black Mages see that he's no longer moving and start burying him while Vivi protests. Dagger cuts her hair, then puts a small bomb on her head and covers it with a bucket, which results in a perm. Vivi also gets a perm - which, in his case, means that the tip of his hat is curled into a little spiral.

This is a fun little book. Nice art, some very strange gags. I like humor that comes out of left field, and this doujinshi has plenty of that! I wish I could translate the title - I know the words (shippo = tail, ga = topic marker, tomodachi = friend), but I'm unsure just how they go together. Friend with a tail? This book has 24 pages... well, page 24 is the last page, but since pages 3 and 4 are solid black, I only count 22 pages of content. (Doujinshi always start with page 3. My guess is that the numbering starts with the cover. I suppose that that's no odder than starting books with a lot of roman numeral pages before you get to the actual book part.)

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