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Doujinshi commentary: Sacred Music

Circles:    Manna: & Neutre Blue    Sacred Music: Front Cover  
Type:   Normal, Introspection. 26 pages.




This doujinshi features three stories. The first is a three-pager about Eiko cooking. The second, "Psyche," takes place in the Black Mage Village and deals with Zidane's past, both with Tantalus and, before that, his creation as one of the Genomes. The final image of that story is Zidane, apparently unconscious, sitting on the throne from which the "You're Not Alone!" scene began. (The one in the game right after Garland revealed Zidane's origin, touching off a crisis that the rest of the group had to pull him out of.) In the final story, Vivi shyly tries to give Mikoto a flower. At first she resists the gesture, but in the end recognizes and accepts his offer of friendship.

It's strange - I can read little of the text, but I can see that this is an introspective doujinshi. It's not hard to see that the characters spend a lot of time thinking about themselves and each other, seeing what makes them tick. The artwork conveys that very clearly.

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