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Doujinshi commentary: Someday5

Circle:    Tic Tac Tue    Someday5: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gag & serious stories. 26+2 pages.




The first of the serious stories is about Baku finding a young Zidane in the rain and carrying him home. Cinna, Blank, and Ruby are also there, and Blank and Ruby are also children. Blank as a young, mopheaded kid is rather startling to look at - I wouldn't have known him except for his patchwork skin. At the end of his story, though, he is an adult with a belt over his eyes and all is right with the world. The second serious story is mostly a conversation between Freya and Zidane.

The premise of Baku taking in kids who grow up as Tantalus members seems a little strange to me. If that was the case, Baku would be guilty of faginy for raising them as thieves, wouldn't he? It also reminds me of the "Muppet Babies" premise: a group of people who know each other as adults must have been children together too. I can't really say that's a flaw in this story; if I could read Japanese better I might find out that it does a lot with that premise.

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