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Doujinshi commentary: Sono Tobira no Mukou ni

Circles:    Alkaloid, L-Little, and Asaru-san Panic    Sono Tobira no Mukou ni: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 27 pages.
Date:   2000/12/?

This doujinshi is populated mostly with 2-4 page gags starring Zidane, Garnet, Eiko, and Vivi. Zidane tries to pull Vivi's hat off, but that thing is stuck on pretty tight. Garnet gives herself a bad haircut, far too short in back (a theme I've seen more than once before). Eiko tries to touch Vivi's face, and her hands pass through the shadow into... whatever is inside. That last one is a bad dream, thankfully, but one that doesn't leave her for a while. And a hungry Quina eyes a moogle's pompom, which worries everyone else.

This is a not-bad doujinshi. Nothing that makes me go "wow" in terms of art or writing, but fun to read through. I did as well as I could with the title. I could figure out the individual words, but I haven't sorted out what they go together to mean.

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