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Doujinshi commentary: Soranokioku

Circle:    Semui    Soranokioku: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal; gags & serious story, 30 pages.




This one starts out with a humorous game-based story set in Conde Petie, during which Vivi tries to catch something (perhaps the thief that had been stealing food) under a trap made of a basket held up by a stick and baited with an apple, Vivi and Zidane go chasing after Eiko, and Quina and Garnet end up getting married. In the serious story, after Zidane comes back from the Iifa tree, he visits the Black Mage village, finds Vivi is alone, and they mourn the other Black Mages.

The title of this one means "Sky Memory" (sora no kioku, memory of sky). I've written it as one word here because that's how it's printed in the book.

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