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Doujinshi commentary: Spirit of Wonder

Circle:    Ayuya/Mutsuki Ohsumi    Spirit of Wonder: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gag & serious story. 52pages.





This doujinshi starts out with a serious story about a young Zidane's adoption by Tantalus. After that there are some gags, including one in which Prince Puck meets one of Vivi's children in the streets, mistakes him for Vivi, and is treated to one of the more delightfully freaky images I've seen, and which I hereby dub "Vivishnu." (What's happening in that final image? Hint: right beforehand the young Black Mage shouts "All members assemble!" as if declaring a battle move.)

The first story really interests me. Zidane appears to have some vague memories of Kuja, and there's a hint of Black Mage eyes there too. There are some nice dynamics with him and the other Tantalus members. At one point Zidane finds a baby bird, and tries to care for it, but eventually it dies and Zidane reluctantly buries it. I wish I could get more out of the story, and with my trusty kana and kanji dictionaries I normally can, but this one is hand lettered, and the lettering is none too neat. Arrgh.

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