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Doujinshi commentary: Square's Book

Circle:    Fantastic Area    Square's Book: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gags based on various Square games. 38 pages.




This isn't strictly a FF9 doujinshi, as it has gags based on many Square games including FF5, Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, several SaGa games, and Bahamut Lagoon. However, the first nine pages of gags are based on FF9, so it's worth including here.

The FF9 gags are mostly one-pagers. In a shop in Lindblum Vivi finds some alarming FF9 doujinshi (Zidane Love!); Zidane thinks he sees an adult Vivi in the Black Mage Village; Vivi's hat stretches weirdly when Zidane tries to pull it off.

Judging from the variety of art styles and the five comment & information pages in the back, I think this is a jam book, put together by many artists.

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