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Doujinshi commentary: Square Dance

Circle:    K. Tigon    Square Dance: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gag & serious story. 34 pages.




In this doujinshi's main story, Garnet finds herself a pet. Her "kawaii neko" is actually a lion, but the others don't seem to be able to convince her of that. After it attacks Zidane (who is saved by a quick Bahamut summon - and, don't worry, the lion survives that) she realizes that lions don't make good pets. She soon finds another one - a Gimme Cat.

There are some other game-related gags. Quina is having a hard time catching frogs, so Garnet helps out - by bashing them with her staff. Zidane finds Vivi underground in Dali and talks to him through the pipe; Garnet hears this and, misunderstanding the situation, starts waving a paper wand in a Shinto exorcism rite.

The final story is a the serious one of the book. On board the Hilda Garde, Zidane and Dagger talk, and then the ship drops Zidane off. I'm assuming it's to go to the Iifa Tree after Kuja, though it doesn't quite match with the events of the game, but then it's not surprising to find canon altered a bit in fanfics, eh?

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