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Doujinshi commentary: Stay Away

Circle:    Dragonhead    Stay Away: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 30 pages.
Date:   2000/10/09

This doujinshi begins with a gag story about the Hunter's Festival. Zidane is so distracted by his promise to Vivi to set him up on a date with Garnet if Vivi wins that he gets K.O.ed by a Mu. In other gags, the perpetual question of where Kuja's tail is gets answered with a pair of scissors, and Beatrix goes through a variety of dramatic sword maneuvers before we find out that she was slicing vegetables for Steiner's dinner.

The serious story is about Vivi, and is titled "Smile END." Vivi reflects on his friends and how they changed his life, and how he became a person instead of just a puppet. He wants them to smile despite his death. I can't tell if he's imagining dying or has died - all I get is a shot of people weeping and Vivi's hat sans Vivi.

Despite the Vivicide, this is a pretty good doujinshi. The art is pleasant to look at, the composition pretty good. The cover is printed in one color of green ink on textured paper, so though the scan looks rather dirty it's not.

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