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Doujinshi commentary: Ten-Goku

Circle:    Ayuya/Mutsuki Ohsumi    Ten-Goku: Front Cover  
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 26 pages.





This doujinshi has a number of game based gags. In one, Salamander flees from the team at the base of the Iifa Tree because he is level 26 and the rest are at level 45. Later in this story Ramuh, both as the apparition in the Pinnacle Rocks and the summoned eidolon, and Garland. I couldn't tell as much as I'd like to about this story, but it did include a cute gag involving a new use for Salamander's beard, and at the end of the battle with Kuja and Garland... Zidane's group runs away, leaving behind 425 gil and a very frustrated Kuja. In the serious story, Zidane is injured while covering Dagger in a battle against a strangely drawn birdlike thing, and afterwards he and Dagger converse as he recovers.

Garland rarely appears in the doujinshi I've seen, and so far this in the only one in which any Eidolon has had an actual speaking part. The back cover has song lyrics, apparently for Fratley, Freya's love.

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