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Doujinshi commentary: Haru wo Aisuru Hito yo

Circle:    Tenshin Monogatari    Haru wo Aisuru Hito yo: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gags & serious stories. 34 pages.





The first thing that strikes me about this doujinshi is... the covers. The back cover looks like it should be the front, and the overall aesthetic is quite different from the usual happy colorful everyone-face-the-camera pinups. The vaguely goth Vivi and Eiko on the back... well, that's a memorable image.

The doujinshi starts out with several gags that, well, I haven't been able to piece out because of high talkiness-to-action ratio. There is a segment in the middle that I also haven't been able to decipher the plot of, but I don't really need to - it's Kuja loafing around an apartment in his underwear and an open robe, showering, reading his mail, drinking out of a milk bottle, and generally looking very bishonen. That in itself is amusing enough for me.

One of the serious stories is a conversation between Zidane and Dagger. The other, "Tears," is a conversation between Vivi and Eiko in which they talk about the loss of their loved ones. When Vivi remembers Garnet crying after Queen Brahne died, he is brought to tears.

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