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Doujinshi commentary: How are you ,today?

Circle:    O-Tsukidou & Jack Koubou    How are you ,today?: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 39 pages.
Date:   2001/05/05

First of all - no, I wasn't being really sloppy when I typed the title. That's exactly how it appears in English on both the covers and the inside pages. The Japanese is "Kyou no tokoro wa konnichi wa." The cover pictured above is a dust-jacket style cover on top of the actual doujinshi, which has a much less artistic (and probably less likely to be bought) cover.

This is an all-cast gag doujinshi. Some of them are rather lowbrow; since when are Cactuars anatomically accurate, and why should that make Vivi freak out and wet himself? There are other gags involving nekkidness and black-shape figleafing, including a predictable one involving Zidane's trance state. *shrug* The humor is mostly verbal, so they are not that easy to translate. I did like the one in which a Malboro casts Mini on Zidane, who sees frightening images of Steiner and Salamander looming over him, making "Kawaii!" faces.

The art is okay. I can't really say much about it one way or the other. On the average it's good enough to get the gag across. It's rather rough, but I don't necessarily consider that bad - I'd rather see rough, expressive art than polished, dull art.

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