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Doujinshi commentary: ViVi Love

Circle:    Fantastic Area    ViVi Love: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, Gags & serious story. 26 pages.




This doujinshi has two main stories. The first is a three page gag in which Zidane has bought a ribbon at the Treno auction. He tries to give it to Garnet, but she has cut her hair and has no way to use a hair ribbon. Eiko already has a ribbon, and Freya isn't interested. So Zidane tries it in his own hair (if you've played the game you know that a ribbon gives quite a stat boost to people of either sex!) and though Vivi thinks it's cute, Salamander finds it objectionable. Finally Zidane gives it to Quina... who has no hair, so he ties it onto hir tongue like a bow tie.

The serious story starts when the airship leaves Zidane behind at the Iifa tree at the end of the game. Vivi returns to the Black Mage village, where some of the Black Mages are discussing their fear of death. Later Vivi and Mikoto are talking, with Vivi sadly thinking about his old friends, when Zidane comes up behind him, swipes Vivi's hat, and puts it on his own head. Vivi tackles him with surprising force as he joyously welcomes him back.

I really like this doujinshi. Sure, it has a lot of Vivi yet doesn't kill him off, which are two big pluses in my book. But it also has good art and stories that are visually expressed rather than crowding the panels with big speech bubbles. It also contains my second favorite unmasked-Vivi image - like Kidby's Discworld art, it just looks right to me.

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