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Doujinshi commentary: Voices

Circle:    Ayuya/Mutsuki Ohsumi    Voices: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 34 pages.




The serious story in this doujinshi starts with a conversation between Zidane and Kuja about Vivi. Then Zidane makes his grand return onstage, and after he and Garnet embrace they (and Quina, Eiko, Steiner, and Freya) meet Vivi's children. It's a happy (and chaotic) reunion, even thought "Papa" Vivi doesn't appear to be among them.

After that are some gags. Zidane is overwhelmed by the cuteness of Freya eating cheese, Salamander scares the bezeezus out of the rest of the party by popping out of the ground like a mandrake plant, and Kuja and Beatrix flirt in Burmecia. (Or are they competing? It's hard to tell.)

A fun doujinshi. I do wish the Ayuya doujinshi were not hand lettered, but then I wish none of them were. There's a little bit of cute Engrish on one page; Kuja exclaims "Jast a morment!!" right before he trances.

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