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Doujinshi commentary: wooden horse

Circle:    Senketsumizutamamoyou    wooden horse: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious stories. 62 pages.
Date:   2002/08

This is a fairly thick book. It's got some strange stuff in it, too. For example, it boasts (if that is the right word) the freakiest Quina I've seen this side of the letter H. And then there's the gag in which Zidane, during his dramatic return to Alexandria, gets fingered by Vivi's sons as "Papa" - an accusation Garnet believes and Eiko supports with the results of a DNA test. The only possible explanation for that that I can think of is that one or more of the Black Mages in the village was female. It's unlikely, but any other possibility hurts my brain. A simpler gag involves Eiko releasing many, many moogles from her clothes - and then following it with a barrage of oglops, all of which she has named.

The main serious story is mostly Zidane and Vivi, with a bit of Eiko and Dagger thrown in, Not sure what they're talking about, but it's fun to look at. So - an interesting doujinshi, with some scenes that I think are going to stick in my mind for a good while. And as it's pretty thick, and the artwork ain't bad, I'd call it a decent value.

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