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Doujinshi commentary: Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity

Circles:    Akoyagai to Omarruebi, Minase Arisu, Ooki Bonta (Ohki Bomta)    Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity: Front Cover 
Type:   PG, gags & serious story. 42 pages.




Here is another jam doijinshi from (almost) the same gang that brought us "Night of Fire" As before, it's a collection of gags by several different authors, including a few by Ooki Bonta that push it into the PG category. On the cover - which is printed on a translucent wrap over a blank white cover, BTW - this is listed as "Final Fantasy IX Book 01," but on the inside it's Book 02.

There are a lot of gags in this doujinshi, which is not surprising because it's a gag doujinshi. Zidane sees what looks like a scar on Dagger's forehead, possibly from the removal of her horn. Final Fantasy 7 & 8 characters surface in a few places. There is also a rather dark story in the middle about a 16-year-old Kuja, who messily defeats a Veteran (the yellow flying eyeball critters) and then does unspecified mischief to Zidane, who at the time was growing in a tank.

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