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Doujinshi commentary: Yellow Card

Circle:    Hakurou13ya    Yellow Card: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 33 pages.
Date:   2000/10/9

This is an energetic gag doujinshi. Yeah, I know "energetic" is vague, but it fits here. There's not a calm, quiet moment on any of the comic pages. The artwork, though busy and lively, is easy to "read." If more doujinshi were like this I might get tired of it, but as it is it's a pleasant change.

There are a lot of gags that, though I haven't translated them completely, amuse me nonetheless because of their oddness. Why is Kuja eating a bowl of bugs? Why does Eiko get Garnet to dress in Zidane's clothes, and then why does she sic Atomos on Zidane when he comes out of the bath and sees her? Who cares, it's fun to look at. (Well, OK, I'd like to know. Ask me in a year or so when I get better at Japanese.)

A few gags did make sense without translation. Zidane and Garnet are sleeping in the bunk beds in the Black Mage Village. Zidane just has to look down at Garnet in the lower bunk, then tickle her with his tail... which is bandaged up the next day. Zidane imagines the curt, unfriendly Mikoto in trance form, dressed only in strategically placed patches of fur - and immediately starts trying to deliberately annoy her.

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