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Doujinshi commentary: Blood, Sweat, Happiness

Circle:    Kirie    Blood, Sweat, Happiness: Front Cover
Type:   Gags & serious story. 26 pages.
Date:   2000/12/29

(Note: "Blood, Sweat, Happiness" is not the actual title, it's just what I could decipher. "Blood and sweat and [something] of the back side of happiness" If you can make better sense out of that, please contact me.)

Normally I can find something positive to say about any doujinshi. I may dislike the premise, the art, or whatever else, but there's always something to recommend it. Well, I may have met my match.

I had a hard time classifying this one. Why? Well, I think that the first story is supposed to be humorous. However, both stories are more like exercises in which the creator tried his hardest to make everyone unlikeable and out of character. Quina moons Zidane and says "Tabete aru" (Quinaspeak for "Eat this") and engages in some rather nauseating pica. Eiko kicks Vivi, Garnet kicks and beats Quina, and both snarl and flip birds at the reader. Zidane is a cutter, and when Vivi expresses concern over his bandaged hands Zidane... uh, Zidane, please get your hands off of Vivi's pants. At the end of the latter story Vivi appears to die in Zidane's hands. I wouldn't be surprised if he died of shame from being in this thing.

Wait, I did think of something good to say about this doujinshi. It's short.

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