ReBoot - The Playstation Game

These are in no particular order, since I don't know the gameplay order (as I don't have a PSX and can't play it).  I'm just guessing on some of them, but I know you start in Baudway and end up in Lost Angles.

I've grouped each animation possible for each sector together for convience's sake. If the file name ends in "lose," that's what you get if you let a tear explode on that sector, etc.

All files are RealMedia movies.

This is Good!

Way to go, Bob!

0.8 MB

Dot's Diner Burns

An energy shake is out of the question.

1.4 MB

Take over Mainframe?

Over my deleted blue bitmap!

2.8 MB

"My Apartment!"

Bob learns there's a new tear in Kits.

0.6 MB

Bob's Dream

Find and repair all tears in Kits sector.

1 MB

Welcome to Megaframe

"Too bad about Bob..."

0.7 MB

"Soylent Green is Enzo!"

And Megabyte has the last laugh...

1.6 MB

Time for an upgrade

Megabyte takes out the trash.

0.5 MB

Game Over.  Hex wins.

"It's not nice to play with Mother Chaos!!"

0.9 MB


Things are not always what they seem.

3.4 MB

Guardian under glass

Hex has a new hobby.

1.1 MB

Beginning of the End

"I'll save you!"

1.4 MB

My Hero

"It doesn't get any better than this."

1.0 MB

Bad Ending

"There were some causualties..."

2.8 MB

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