The Space Geek Code, Version 1.2

by Kim McFarland

What's a "Geek Code"?

The basic idea of a "Geek Code" is to tell a bit about your interests in a very small space. There are a number of codes in use now, from the classic, very exhaustive "Geek Code" to the short-and-sweet "Disney Afternoon Code". Each code covers a certain specific area of interest, packs a lot of information into a tiny space, and is generally meant to be understood by those with the same interests who also know the code. These codes are appended onto a user's .sig file.

A user is not required to put each and every possible code into their sig. If you really have no opinion on something, you can leave it out. If you want to stick with telling others what you think about the shows, and omit the more personal parts of the code, that's perfectly all right. An alternative is the "#" mark, which means "None of your business!", and is a bit more forceful.

The history of the Space Geek Code

The code begins with an identifier, of course, so others will know what the heck your code is for. So, the Ghost Planet Code will begin:


There are lots of modifiers available for use with the main categories in this code. Just because they are not all displayed with every category does not mean that they are not perfectly kosher. Besides the pluses and minuses, here are some other modifiers that can be added to any code (within the bounds of logic, whatever that is. :)
? Puzzlement ("What's this?")
* Not applicable, for various reasons (See the code itself for examples)
# No answer. (Mind your own dang business.)
> ", but I want to be" (W—>++++ = "I don't have a web page, but I want to have the ultimate Space Ghost page.")
/ ", but sometimes", the slash going between ratings. The first rating is dominant. Br++/--- = "Most of the time I like Brak, but sometimes I want to duct tape his mouth shut."

Characters (CH)

Sg Space Ghost
Zo Zorak
Mo Moltar
Br Brak
Bl Blip
Ja Jan
Jy Jace
Lo Lokar
Tz Tanzit
Bw Black Widow
Me Metallus
Ch Chad Ghostal
Lg Leonard Ghostal
Ra Raymond
So The Sorcerer
Cr Christie the Drummer
Bb BooBoo Kitty
Bm Biiiirdmaaaaan!
Av Avenger
Dn Dr. Nightmare
Wa Warren
Ga Gary
Jo Joey the Intern
Ca Commander Andy
Vb Vector Black

Ratings example:

Br+++++ (or more) What restraining order?.
Br++++ I want Brak to bear my children.
Br+++ I answer the phone "All hail Brak!"
Br++ He's my favorite character!
Br+ I like him.
Br Eh, he doesn't make much of an impression on me.
Br- He's kinda annoying.
Br-- I cringe when I see him.
Br--- Someone ought to put Brak in a barrel and nail the lid shut!
Br---- ... And plug up the bunghole!
Br----- (or more) What restraining order?

Space Ghost Coast to Coast (C2C)

C2C++++ This is the best talk show ever produced in the history of television!
C2C+++ I never miss an episode! Who needs to go out on Saturday night?
C2C++ This is one cool show!
C2C+ I like the show.
C2C Eh, it's okay.
C2C- Er... it's okay, I suppose.
C2C-- I don't get it.
C2C--- This is one dumb show.
C2C---- Who came up with this idiotic show?!
C2C* I don't get Cartoon Network! ARRRGH!

Favorite C2C Guest

Last name.

Example: Slash

Favorite C2C episode

Title in full, in quote marks.

Example: "Switcheroo"

If you need to look up a show or guest, check out Ghost Planet Transcript Central.

Cartoon Planet (CP)

CP++++ This is the best cartoon comedy show ever produced in the history of television!
CP+++ I never miss an episode! I can recite skits word for word, and often do.
CP++ This is one nifty show! I sing the songs in the shower and while cooking chili.
CP+ I like the show.
CP Eh, it's okay.
CP- Er... it's okay, I suppose.
CP-- I don't GIT it.
CP--- This is one dumb show.
CP---- What's so funny about three barely animated toons blabbering about nothing?!
CP* I don't get Cartoon Network! ARRRGH!

Favorite CP Song

Title in quotes.

Example: "Crazy Lovesick Fool"

Favorite CP skit or series of skits

Title in full, in quotes.

Examples: "Babies" "Zorak's Nuggets of Joy" "Brak's School Daze: Milk"

If you need to look up a Cartoon Planet skit title or song, visit Brak's Scriptbook or Brak's Songbook.

Your Fan Activity

Do you read the Usenet group (U)

U++++ I am the group's top poster!
U+++ I read/post frequently.
U++ I read/post occasionally.
U+ I am a dedicated lurker.
U I read it occasionally.
U- I read it only when I have nothing better to do.
U-- I forget to read it.
U--- That newsgroup? Why bother?
U---- I hate the usenet!!!
U? What's
U* I don't have access to

Do you subscribe to the Ghost-Planet mailing list? (L)

L++++ I am the list's top poster!
L+++ I read/post frequently.
L++ I read/post occasionally.
L+ I am a dedicated lurker.
L I read some of it.
L- I read it only when I have nothing better to do.
L-- I delete most of the mail.
L--- That list? Why bother?
L---- I hate mailing lists!!!
L? What mailing list?
L* I can't subscribe to the mailing list.

Do you have a Space Ghost related web page? (W)

W++++ Oh, man, do I! Mine has Space Ghost stuff you'll find NOWHERE else!
W+++ You bet! It's a great SG site. You'll want to bookmark this one!
W++ My page has some Space Ghost stuff on it.
W+ I have a page, but it's not very SG intensive.
W My web page doesn't have any SG stuff on it.
W- My page is too serious to put Space Ghost stuff up on.
W-- Are you kidding?! Why would I want to put THAT on my web page?
W--- I don't have a web page.
W---- I hate the world wide web!!!
W? What's a web page?
W* I don't have a Space Ghost related page, but I want to.

Real Life

What is your gender and age? (S)

Sm Male
Sf Female
S? Er... I'm not sure...
S- I don't have a gender.
S* None of the above.
S# None of your beeswax!

Age follows gender in numeric form. So, Sf29 would be "29-year-old female". Sf# would be "I'm female, and it's none of your business what age I am!". S#29 would be "I'm 29 years old, and my gender is none of your business."

Tell us about your family. (F)

Fs Single
Fm Married
Fi Involved
Fd Divorced
F? Uh, I dunno...
F# My family is none of yer beeswax!

Modifier: k(#): number of children. Fdk2

would be "Divorced, with two kids".

Where do you live? (G)

State/province/etc abbreviation (in lowercase), a period (no spaces) and internet country abbreviation if other than the US. This For example, mine would be

Someone living in British Columbia, Canada might put

Modifier: pluses and minuses can express how you feel about where you live. you can add slashes and other locaions to show where you formerly lived, or were born. For example:

would mean "I now live in Georgia, and that's okay, but I like British Columbia, where I used to live, better."

How into the computer are you? (C)

C++++ I get withdrawal pangs when I reboot it.
C+++ I wish it could be surgically attached to me.
C++ What a great tool/toy!
C+ It's very useful to me.
C It's a tool, like any other.
C- Frankly, I'm not used to computers yet.
C-- Computers are a necessary evil.
C--- I hate computers!
C---- What the heck am I doing, working on a geek code?
C? What'z a computer?

Modifier: pc for PC-compatible, m for Macintosh, a for Amiga, at for Atari, u for Unix thingie, ? For "What's the difference?" and * for "Whatever's available at the moment is fine with me".

Okay, here's my example sig, with an interpretation.
GHOST PLANET CODE V1.2: CHSg+Zo+++Mo++Br++++Lo+++Tz+Bw-/+Ch---Ra++Dn++ C2C+++ Yankovic "Pilot" CP+++ "Crazy Lovesick Fool" "Babies" U++ L+++ W++++ Sf30 Fs C+++pc

Translation: I'm using version 1.2 of the Space Geek Code. I like Space Ghost a bit, Zorak a lot, Moltar a good bit, I'm in love with Brak, I like Lokar a lot, I like Tanzit a bit, Black Widow kinda annoys me, although sometimes she's amusing. Chad REALLY annoys me, and I like Raymond and Dr. Nightmare, Attorney At Law.. I really get a kick out of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast". Weird Al Yankovic is my favorite guest, and my favorite episode of "Coast to Coast" is "Pilot". I like "Cartoon Planet" a whole bunch. My favorite song is "Crazy Lovesick Fool", and my favorite skit is "Babies". I read and post to when the mood strikes me, I read and post to the ghost-planet mailing list with no mean amount of dedication, and I have a web page I'm damn proud of! I'm a single, 30-year-old woman who lives in Georgia. And I loves me PC.

Thanks to these people for their input!

Jessica Bilhartz (
Mike Shawaluk (
Tanya Stay (
Spottiswoode Thjss (
Harvey Best (
Joseph Vilas (

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