Brak's Scriptbook

Here are some lovely transcripts from the lovely sketches on that lovely show, Cartoon Planet! All of the skits that were packaged into the 22 half-hour Cartoon Planet episodes are here, plus some that did not make the cut.

I don't have the exact titles to all of the sketches. When I have them I used them, but a lot of 'em are just my guesses. So long as you can tell which sketch is which, that's good enough for me.

There are some skits that I don't have, because they were broadcast long before I started taping them. Did you tape the shows back before the summer of 1996, especially when "Cartoon Planet" was on TBS? If so, please contact me!

* Sketches that were not put into the the regular episode runs are marked with a blinky ball. If none of the sketches in a certain category were used - for example, the Cartoon Planet Hellos - then the ball will be beside the page header rather than every single skit. *

Brak's Cartoon Planet Monday Ratings Reports

Brak Dreams of Earth

Brak's Comedy Gold

Brak's School Daze

Brak's Tales of Suspense

Cartoon Bumpers

Cartoon Planet Hello

Cartoon Planet Promos

The Cartoon Planet Storybook

Cold Opens

Commercial Bumpers

Cooking With Brak

Day Intros



Hero in His Own Mind

Learnin' to Talk Italian

Mail Bag Day

Messages from Outer Space

Mind Readers

Mr. Blinky

New Year's Eve, '96 and '97

Page 2 (The Rest of The Story)

Poet's Corner

Something 2 Think About

Talkin' in My Sleep

Vacation Spots of the Universe

Valentine's Day Special


The Word for Today

Warner Brothers Stores Xmas '97 Promo

Zorak's Helpful Hints

Zorak's Horrorscopes

Zorak's Nuggets of Joy

Miscellaneous Sketches

Episode Guide

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