Episode Listings

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1. Planet of Doom
2. Monkey Trouble
3. Love That Brak!
4. My Space Ghost the Car
5. The Mantis from Atlantis
6. The Dangerous Danger
7. The Night the Lights Went Out on Cartoon Planet
8. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad
9. The Big Mouths
10. Tom Foolery
11. Goin' Ape!
12. Forbidden Socks
13. The Empire Strikes Brak
14. Momma!
15. Space Ghost Dearest
16. A Life in The Day
17. Where's the Beach?
18. Deadly Blasts of Hot Air
19. Toot! Toot!
20. Attack of the Cute Little Pups
21. Those Miserables
22. Ratingspalooza

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