Episode 18: Deadly Blasts of Hot Air

Cold Open: The Camera Loves Me
Opening: Living Ghost
Brak's School Daze: Gym Class
Human Resources

Zorak's Nuggets of Joy: Shoe
Mail Bag Day: Zorak Doggie
Learnin' to Talk Italian: Lesson Four (Useful Terms)
Ranch Dip
Poet's Corner Theme
Poet's Corner: Aunt Martha
Baloney Sandwich

The Cartoon Planet Storybook: What Goes Around, Comes Around
Where is my Sandwich?
Count Floyd: Count Floyd's First Movie
I'm a Cucumber

Oh Fun Key Bay Bee

Mail Bag Day: Mantis Bottle
Mr. Blinky #1 (Trolley Bells)
Muh Nuh Muh Nuh
Closing Theme

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