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Thank goodness.

Welcome to Castle Numbskull, home to some strange stuff. I am Gonzo the Mediocre, your host. But since you probably don't give a crap about me because I'm just a dopey-looking site mascot, here's what you can find in here...

Updates - What's new on this and the other areas of my website?
Fan Art - Drawings, mostly by me, but with some guest art as well.
Fan Fiction - Home of The Trollan Trilogy, plus lots of fic-based pictures.
Episodes in a Second - Too lazy to watch the show yourself? Let me take the work out of it!
Other Stuff - KiSS dolls and Mood Orkons.
Merchandise - Want cases of the new action figures, cards and stickers based on the old show, or tee shirts, buttons, and stickers?
Message Forum - Yak about stuff here.
Talk to Gonzo - The owner of this site.
The Negapage - This website's parent site. Got Darkwing Duck, ReBoot, Brak, Cats, and other stuff by yours truly.

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