Brak's Tales of Suspense:
Crazy John


And now, it's time for "Brak's ... Tales ... of ... Suspense!" Ha ha ha ha ha!
Brak: (doing some sting music as he goes)
The other night, I was sittin' around watchin' scary movies when all of a sudden, the phone rang. I picked up the phone and a voice said, "I, I buddudda ohhhhhhhhh ........." and I said, "Who is this?" and they hung up. Not long after, the phone rang again, and I picked it up and a voice said, "Hey did you bowannnnnna hooba snaaaaahhhhhhh!" and then they hung up. Well this time, I was thinkin', "Boy oh boy, am I ever frightened!" So I called the operator and I said, "Um, could you please very kindly trace this next call and call me back and tell me who's callin' me?" and the operator said, "Please deposit 25 cents," and I said, "Are you nuts?" The phone rang again, and sure enough the voice said, "Beedah whoaoooooo I gotta!" and he hung up, and just then the operator called and said, "The last call came from your house!" And I said, "Somebody's in the house, oh no!!!!!!!!" and then the operator said, "Oh, wait, I, I'm sorry, I was, uh, looking at your number. The call actually came from the old crazy house down the road." And th- then I said, "Oh, that's just crazy John. I wonder what he wanted."

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