Mail Bag Day:


Allrighty! Let's do some readin'.
"Dear Space Ghost, I love your show. It's the best show on TV. You say stuff that makes no sense-"

(untranscribeable nonsense noises)

"-and that's why I like it. Your fan, Marcie Glazer, Springfield, Oh- Wah- O-Oahu, age thirteen, female."
"Dear Zorak, my name is Teresa Flynn. I live in P'iladelphia, Pay. I dare you to kiss Brak on the lips!"

EEEAAAHHH! Eaaablblbl! Pfeh! Yeesh! Eucch.

"I hate it when you go upside down because I can see your hinder."
(upside down in the prison pod)
Eh ... hey, what's wrong with my hinder? I've been told I have a cute hinder.
Told by whom?
By... experts.
A hinder is a hinder, I always say. Hey, here's a letter for me.
"Dear Brak, I'm Sean Mikikakammond, eleven, from Roscoe, Illinois. You are funny! Does it bother Zorak and Space Ghost that you yell so much?"


(Zorak boings out of frame. Space Ghost flies away.)
Gee, I don't think so. Haaaaawh, here's another letter.
"Dear Cartoon Planet, my brother and I love your show. We watch every day. Jesse and Jeremy Egner, Wingo, Kentucky. PS: Disco is NOT comin' back."

Well, we'll just see about that!

(disco music starts in the background)
Boogie nation doon-doon-doon-doon-doon-doon-doon-doon, dance with the boogie till dawn get down! Dah bah dah dah bah dah bah dah dah dah, boogie nation doon-doon- doon-d-doon-doon-doon-doon, b- I don't know all the words, but BOOGIE NATION doon-doon-doon-doon-doon-doon-doon do do, okay.

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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