Zorak's Nuggets of Joy:


Here's a wonderful nugget of joy from Zorak.
It was difficult growing up as a young mantis. Besides all the normal challenges of childhood, there was always the threat of getting devoured. Someone would ask 'Hey, where's that kid who sits next to you in biology?' 'Oh, her?' I'd answer. 'She got devoured.' With all the devouring going on we couldn't even get up a decent kickball game at recess! You'd pick someone to be on your team and BOOM! 'Hey, where's my left fielder?' 'Oh, he got devoured.' Luckily, I had a buddy to watch my back. His name was Clovar. We looked out for each other! Yeah! But then one day I forgot my lunch money and, uhhh, well, anyway, that was it for Clovar. Huhhh. With such a bogus childhood, is it any wonder that I'm evil? Ha ha ha hah! Mwaahaahaahaahaahaa!

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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