Page 2: Morty Khan


Everyone knows the story of Genghis Khan, the great and terrible conqueror of China and Russia. Now let's hear ... the rest ... of the story.

Few people knew that Genghis Khan had a twin brother, Morty. Morty Khan, in his day, was a very successful standup comedian. But one night, while performing in a popular Mongolian comedy club, Genghis Khan and a few of his most fierce warriors dropped in to catch Morty's show. When Morty opened his act with the joke "Take my wife, please!" one of Genghis's henchmen picked up Morty's wife and ran from the club, never to be seen again. Morty's heart was broken. He retired from show business and spent his remaining years playing with his dollies in a sandbox. And now you know ... the rest of ... the story. Good day.

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