Brak Dreams of Earth:
Sheila Darnworth


La-last night I had this dream that I went to Earth, and I was there, and I walked around onna street and this guy came up to me and he said "Heyyy, you know what? You look like somebody familiar." and I said, "Well, my name is Brak." and he said "No, that's not it. You look like my friend from high school!" and, and I said "Well, what if I am?" and he said, "Well, d'you remember Sheila Darnworth?" and I said, "Um, no." and he said "Well, she was your girlfriend." and I said "Well, I d- I really only had imaginary girlfriends, I don't know any Sheila Darnworth." and he said "But y'gotta know Sheila Darnworth, man! She was your girlfriend!" and I said "Heyyy, hey. I don't know you." He said "Hey, I know you." and I said "No. Really. Get outta my face." And then I woke up.

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