The Cartoon Planet Storybook:
Skunky the Fur Trapper


Now it's time once again for the Cartoon Planet Storybook. Here's a short story called "Skunky the Fur Trapper". It was written by Andy, age twenty-nine.
Is that right? He's a big boy. Okay. Let's see what the twenty-nine-year-old writes.
Once upon a time, before the Revolution, there was a fur trapper named Skunky who wandered the frontier with his pachyderm Puddly.

"I skins 'em and trades 'em, eh, Puddly?" Skunky would say.

(elephant trumpeting noise), Puddly would reply. (trumpeting noise)

One day Skunky decided he didn't want to be a fur trapper any more.

(trumpeting noise), which meant "That's fine by me." said Puddly.

And that's how Skunky the Fur Trapper became General George Washington.

The end.

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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