The Top 10 Things I'd Like to Hear Dot Say

by Slack

10. Bob, your armor is cold as ice!
9. I need some more shellac for my hair.
8. I have no idea what a "hotty" is.
7. Mouse, you keep your hands off Bob or I'll kick you so hard your accent'll come flying out your ASCII!
6. Bob, while you were in the Web I needed someone...
5. It's none of your business if I'm on my .! I say we ATTACK G PRIME!
4. (typing into her organizer) ..11:45, fake an orgasm...
3. Mouse, are you busy later this cycle?
2. I'm the now, Bob. You may kiss my boots.
And the number one thing I'd like to hear Dot say:
1. The system is restored, the virals are cleaned, and now I'm going to!

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